30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS

30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS
30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS

30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS, PMS, and Competitive Exams

30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS, PMS, and Competitive Exams Only fittest students can clear the CSS exam. You will have to become a multidimensional person for becoming a 17th-grade office. We shall write a series of articles on this topic to guide you. It’s the second article in this regard. I stood first in a competitive exam that’s why I am sure that I can share golden tips with you in this regard. I saw many duffers too during my government service as a gazette government officer. I was surprised to see that how these duffers have cleared the competitive exams. During my training period, I interviewed them all and in this article, I shall try to share my own strategy along with the golden tips of other successful candidates of competitive exams. These tips are not final advice for you as we shall write detailed articles on the preparation of all papers very soon, so stick with Skilling.pk

1-Kindly start your preparation for competitive exams after matriculation. You must opt for your elective and optional subjects in intermediate and Bachelor as per your long term CSS, PMS, PCS exam preparation strategy.

2-All toppers make both short term and long term plans for the preparation of CSS, PMS and PCS exams, so follow the strategy which has worked for them.

3-Never attempt the MCQ type question, if you don’t know its exact answer. You may take calculated risks depending upon your common sense, but remember that common sense is the rarest sense in human beings. In case of any doubt skip the question as negative marking can be harmful to you.

4-Selection of subjects in PMS and PCS is a very important factor. Only choose those subjects in whom you have a deep interest or those subjects which you have studied earlier in any class from matriculation to graduation.

5-Conceptual clearance is the key to success in all competitive exams. So never learn by heart any question, just try to understand the core concepts of each topic or question and then write the answer in your own words even during your practice before the exam. After clearing the basic concepts and theme of each topic you may also attempt the objective questions very easily. I can write an article on any topic just due to my conceptual clearance and general knowledge. This practice will help you throughout your life just like your admin.

6-First prepare the recommended syllabus and do read the recommended books for the preparation of each subject.

7-Previous papers can give you an idea about the paper pattern and format so do consult them for avoiding any difficulty during papers.

8-Previous papers will help you a lot in preparing a list of most repeated questions, please prepare these questions first. But remember that selected studies are not an option for you, it may help you for getting passing marks only, so prepare the whole syllabus.

9-You will have to attempt all required subjective questions. If you don’t know the exact answer of any subjective question even then doesn’t leave it. Attempt the question with your common sense.

10-At the time of solving the previous papers do observe the time limit too.

11-Kindly avoid generic, pre-planned and irrelevant answers.

12-Just give relevant details about the given questions.

13-Do attempt those questions first about which you have sufficient knowledge to express.

14-You must be in a winning state of mind at the time of attempting the papers.

15-Kindly take the compulsory subjects very seriously. A large number of intelligent students fails in CSS and PMS exam due to neglecting the compulsory subjects.

16-You will be given just 3 chances for appearing in CSS and PMS exams so avail these chances very intelligently. There is no need for appearing in any competitive exam without full preparation.

17-If you are not a law graduate then avoid all legal subjects.

18-Get the membership of maximum libraries and spend your maximum time in them.

19-If you dislike joint study even then spend some time with your competitors for having an idea about their preparation strategy.

20-During your preparation for any competitive exam does not leave any NTS, PCS, ETEA test of above 14-grade posts. Success in such exams will boost your confidence a lot.

21-You must have internet access at your home too as now a day’s all the information is present on the internet.

22-Try to improve your self-confidence through the visualization and self-suggestion techniques. You must recognize yourself worth better performance in written tests, interviews, and psychological exams.

23-Try to thin out of the box for improving your creative writing skills but at the same time, you must have good command over English vocabulary and grammar.

24-First best-recommended book for your preparation is “Who is who and what is what”.

25-There is no need of joining academies for the preparation of PMS. CSS and PCS exams.

26-First read 3 to 4 essays n a topic, note the key points and then write an essay on the same topic in your own words. You must write at least one article daily using this technique.

27-You may join test sessions of academies for getting an idea about your preparation.

28-Same golden tips are enough for the CSS screening test.

29-Read all daily newspapers, current affairs digest on the internet and watch local and international English news channels. Even watch just English movies and entertainment channels.

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30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS
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30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS
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30 Golden Tips for Clearing CSS
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