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Important Questions For Exams

Q # Question
1 Define assembly language. How assembly language differs from machine language? Write the mnemonics for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division used in assembly language.
2 Differentiate between high-level languages and low-level languages. List down at least five high-level languages and also explain which one is best and why.
3 Explain the following:

a. Disk drivers

b. Scanners

4 Elaborate on input and output devices with at least three examples of each. Also, tell which type of device is a mouse.
5 How many types of memories are there in a computer? Also, name and explain which computer memory is static and volatile.
6 Did you ever use LINUX operating system? Which operating system is better windows or LINUX?
7 Elaborate on the basic difference between the primary and secondary memory of the computer. Also, write the advantages and disadvantages of both.
8 Define software. What is the basic difference between software and hardware? Who is responsible to operate the hardware of a computer? Discuss.
9 What are the different methods of measuring computer memory? Explain with the help of an example.
10 Write the steps to perform the following operations:

a) Deleting software from the control panel

b) Opening a folder

11 What is a computer? What is the role of computers in banking and medical? Give examples.
12 Discuss the history of the computer with respect to the basic developments that occur at different times.
13 Function keys are also called programmable keys. Justify the statement with the help of examples.
14 What is the role of a microprocessor in a computer? Discuss the performance of a machine with a microprocessor in it.
15 Write short notes on the following:

a. Joystick

b. Digital Camera

16 Elaborate on different uses of an operating system. Also, describe the basic icons of the windows operating system in detail.
17 Writhe the steps of performing the following operations:

a. Shutting down the windows

b. Installing any antivirus

18 Define software Suite. Give at least three examples of software suites with the software they contained.
19 Classify different types of viruses. How we can protect our operating systems from viruses? Discuss different solutions.
20 Write short notes on the following:

a) Control panel

b) Special Icons