AIOU Code 8603 Guess Papers Free Download

AIOU Code 247 Guess Papers Free Download
AIOU Code 247 Guess Papers Free Download

AIOU Code 8603 Guess Papers Free Download

Allama Iqbal Open University

Course Code 8603 Guess Paper
Q # Questions
1 Explain various concepts related to the curriculum. why is curriculum essential for an educational institution.
2 How does curriculum represent sociological foundations? explain with examples.
3 Explain the curriculum development model of Hida Taba. Review it critically in view of the Pakistan context?
4 Content organization is pivotal in process of curriculum development. discuss it with reference to approaches of content organization.
5 Describe the approaches to stating educational objectives. which approach do you intend to adopt and why?
6 How a curriculum can be evaluated. discuss process and problems related to it.
7 Make a comparative analysis of current projects and plans for curriculum development in the Asian region.
8 Critically review the curriculum development and its reforms in Pakistan.
9 Explain the need, scope, and characteristics of the curriculum.
10 Analyze the general trend in curriculum reform since 1959.
11 Discuss the relevance of philosophical foundations in curriculum development.
12 Explain the elements of the process of curriculum development.
13 Discuss the classification of aims, goals, and objectives. elaborate with examples.
14 Describe various procedures for content selection.
15 Make a critical analysis of various methods of curriculum evaluation.
16 Critically review the new roles and responsibilities of a teacher in curriculum development.


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