AIOU Guess Paper Of Business Research Code 524

AIOU Guess Paper Of Business Research Code 524
AIOU Guess Paper Of Business Research Code 524

AIOU Guess Paper Of Business Research Code 524


Course: Course Business Research (Code524)

Guess Papers

Q # Questions/Answers
1 What do you understand by “Research Process” in business and management studies? Explain with the help of examples.
2 How research topic is formulated? Discuss the importance and process and clarifying research topic.
3 How would you obtain and evaluate the literature for your research? Support your answer with relevant examples.
4 Briefly differentiate between Probability Sampling and Non-Probability Sampling with examples.
5 How will you explain secondary data? What are different sources of secondary data?
6 Discuss how observation is used for data collection? What are merits and demerits of this method?
7 Distinguish between main research approaches: Deductive and Inductive.
8 How to write final research project to reflect on all you have learned while conducting the research?
9 What is basic research? Discuss the importance of basic research for business manager.
10 What is research process? Discuss the various steps involved in research process.
11 What is probability sampling? Discuss the importance of probability sampling.
12 Discuss the nature and procedure of ratio scale in business research.
13 What is observation? Discuss the uses of observation in business research.
14 Discuss and evaluate and various scale construction techniques in detail.
15 What is research report and why it is important? Discuss technical research report in detail.
16 What is casual analysis? Discuss the various situations in which casual analysis is necessary for a business manger? Discuss
17 What is business research and it is important for managers . Discuss.
18 What is exploratory research ? Discuss the various methods of exploratory research.
19 Discuss and evaluated sampling design with examples. How sampling design could be more appropriate? Discuss.
20 What is sound measurement in business research ? Discuss the characteristic of sound measurement.
21 What is secondary data? How could you evaluate secondary data? Discuss with examples.
22 What is personal interview and why it is conducted in business research ? Discuss.
23 What is validity and why it is important in business research? Discuss with examples.
24 What is an asymmetrical relationship in data analysis ? Discuss the significance of asymmetrical relationships.


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