AIOU Solved Guess Papers Foreign policy of Pakistan-I 4661

AIOU Solved Guess Papers Foreign policy of Pakistan-I 4661

Question#1: write a comprehensive note on a major determinant of the foreign policy of Pakistan?

Question#2: Critically examine Pak_India relations during 1947_65 mainly focusing on the Kashmir dispute?

Question#3: What was the role of China and America during the Indo_Pakistan war of 1965? discuss in detail.

Question#4: Do you agree that China is a time-tested friend of Pakistan and strengthening Pakistan’s economy?

Question#5: Define Bilateralism?

Question#6: Write a detailed note on Bhutto’s foreign policy?

Question#7: How the Biden administration should compete for influence in the Indo_Pacific?

Question#8: Discuss and analyze Pakistan America relations in the aftermath of the sino_indian war of 1962?

Question#9: Discuss Pak_Afghan relations in the context of the Pashtunistan issue?

Question#10: Discuss Pak_India relations during the Zia_ul_Haq period?

Question#11: Discuss Pakistan’s foreign policy after 9/11 what was the status of Pakistan in the eye of the world’s powerful status?

Question#12:How far it is correct to say that the “Russian invasion of Afghanistan creates a grave security concern for Pakistan? Discuss in detail.

Question#13:Why did the USA consider Pakistan as a “dependable bulwark against communism”? Discuss.

Question#14: Keeping in view the defense pacts of SEATO and CENTO, discuss Pakistan America relations from (1951_65)?

Question#15: Discuss the importance of the Pak_China nexus in the context of the rapprochement between the USA and China during the 1970s?

AIOU Solved Guess Papers Foreign policy of Pakistan-I 4661

Pakistan is a state like other states of the world. When it came out from the British net the initial stages were very tough for it. It was considered that it will rejoin India. But the administration of that time took sincere initiatives to manage the affairs gradually. The cold war started at that time between the Communist and Capitalist blocks. Newly established states joined one of them. Pakistan was also one of them. Its foreign policy principles, rules, and regulations are highlighted in this paper. All these steps are discussed below gradually with the help of primary and secondary sources. It is concluded that Pakistan had no choice to join the capitalist block because of its financial position that forced it to take such decisions as compared to India. But security and sovereignty were never compromised in every era and at every stage.


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