AIOU Teaching Practice 8607


AIOU Teaching Practice 8607

AIOU B.Ed Field Notes 8607 Teaching Practice-I

AIOU Teaching Practice 8607  Field notes in course code 8607 of Teaching Practice-I B.Ed AIOU Program is an important part of trainee teacher practical work. To understand in simple words field notes are draft/rough notes taking while sitting in a class and what you record or write in field notes? So you have to write in a notebook provided with the manual on every day. So based on these field notes you can prepare your final observation/internship report to submit before the workshops and last date of assignments to the concerned department of Allama Iqbal Open University.
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Field Notes

Teaching practice-I course code 8607 Day 1
School Name: (here put your practicum site name)
Day 1. Class Two Subject English

Reflective Note

1. professional look as per directions and guidelines provided in the booklet of Teaching practice-I
2. I also reminded myself that I am here for learning and will not hesitate to ask any question if required any clarification.
3. When I entered the in-class teacher a and all students welcome me and said my good morning in a formal way and I also responded to them with a smile and pay my thanks.
4. Then, the teacher introduced me to the class and also updated students that I will remain with them for 14 days.
5. I feel happier when I critically observed classroom physical attributes which are sufficient enough.
6. Today I just observed how the teacher delivers lessons and how students taught by her.

Mentor Comments

1. It was trainee teacher first day and she reached early in the morning in school and have a good get up like proper dress.
2. Trainee teacher Shumi is taking a keen interest in learning all things
3. She is punctual of time.
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