Developing 21st Century Skills Among Students 8613 Topics

Developing 21st Century Skills Among Students 8613 Topics


Developing 21st Century Skills Among students 8613 Topics


  1. Creativity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Information Literacy
  4. Global Awareness
  5. Social Responsibility
  6. Media Literacy
  7. Self-regulation
  8. Global Citizenship
  9. Civic Literacy
  10. Digital Literacy


  • Building Creativity among students through classroom activities.
  • Developing Creativity through Classroom presentations among grade 8 students
  • Developing Creativity through model activity among students in 7th grade
  • Developing Creativity through discussion activities among grade 8th students
  • Enhancement of Creativity among students using problem-based instructions
  • Developing Creativity by Self-Esteem among grade 7th students
  • Developing Creativity in 6th Graders through Setting Goals and Achieving them

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  • Enhance Collaboration through teamwork among 9th-class students
  • Developing Collaboration through extra-curricular activities among students in 8th grade
  • Developing Collaboration among students through teamwork in grade 5th
    Developing Collaboration in students through program activities in class 6th grade students
  • Developing Collaboration among children through group tasks at the level of grade 5
  • Developing Collaboration through storytelling method among 4th-grade students
  • Developing Collaboration Through Student Participation Strategies Among Students of Grade 5

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Information Literacy

  • Improving Information Literacy through self-discipline among elementary grade students
  • Developing Information Literacy through discussion activities among grade 8th students
  • Develop the Information Literacy of students of class five through the use of modern technology
  • Enhancing Information Literacy through the effectiveness of inquiry teaching among class 8 students
  • Enhancing Information Literacy among students through project work in grade 9th
  • Enhancing Information Literacy through laboratory activities among students of class 9th

Global Awareness

  • Enhancing Global Awareness of students through communication and interaction among grade 5
  • Enhancing Global Awareness among students through motivation in grade 6
  • Enhancing Global Awareness through respecting others among 7th graders
  • Enhancing Global Awareness through trust and relationship among class 7th students
  • Enhancing student’s Global Awareness in grade 4th through storybook

Social Responsibility

  • Developing Social Responsibility through accomplishing shared goals among grade 6th students
  • Developing Social Responsibility in students through group activities among grade 5th students
  • Developing Social Responsibility through comparing yourself with others among 7 class students

Media Literacy

  • Enhancing Media Literacy of 7th-grade students through presentations
  • Enhancing Media Literacy through self-esteem activities among grade 8th students
  • Improve Media Literacy through organizational skills among primary-grade students
  • Developing Media Literacy through questioning among grade 6 children


  • Developing Self-regulation through telling stories among 5-grade students
  • Developing Self-regulation Using determination Among 7th Grade Students
  • Strategies for building emotional regulation and empathy in children at secondary school grade 10th
  • Developing self-regulating behavior in children using educational apps
  • Recognizing and supporting self-regulating habits among children at the primary level
  • To develop self-regulating behavior in children through motivation in grade 5

Global Citizenship

  • Enhancing Global Citizenship through Leadership Skills
  • Developing Global Citizenship among 8th-grade students through Islamic stories

Civic Literacy

  • A study on Civic Literacy through embracing self-acceptance among students at the secondary level

Digital Literacy

  • Developing Digital Literacy through praising and acknowledging accomplishments among secondary-level students
  • Developing Digital Literacy for students through positive reinforcement among grade 5
  • Developing Digital Literacy by using group activities among 5th-grade students
  • Developing Digital Literacy through different activities among students in grade 5th
  • Enhancing the Digital Literacy of students through boosting activities at the primary level

Solved Thesis

Sr # Thesis Title 
1 Using Self-Monitoring To Increase Self-Regulation In Young Children
2 How Can I Enhance Self-Confidence Among Students At the Primary Level
3 A Study To Develop Self-Esteem In 5th Grade Students Through Discussion Method
4 A Study To Encourage Independent Mistake Correction Habit Among Students At Grade 8
5 A Study To Find Out Learning Handles During Covid-19 Classes At the Primary Level
6 A Study To Promote The Culture Give Respect To Other At the Secondary Level
7 Accepting Errors And Development Of Positive Effort-Based Learning
8 An Action Research For Managing Children At Home Through Engaging In Educational Activities
9 An Identification Of Purposeful Routine At Home
10 Analysis Of Early Childhood Education Kit Developing Basic Skills
11 Analyzing Children Regulating Emotions Through Group Discussion In Grade 8th
12 Aware The Students About Their Self Respect Through Motivational Activities
13 Better Socialization Interaction And Relation With Peers For Purposeful Child Learning
14 Building Ethics Through Cooperative Learning Among Grade 5th Students
15 Children’s Motivation Through Indoor Activities During COVID-19
16 Create An Environment Of Mutual Respect In School
17 The Effect Of Contemporary Teaching Method On Students
18 Role Of Teacher In Improving Ethics Of Six Grade Students
19 Creating Behavioral Development to Control the Impulses at Elementary School Level
20 Creating Problem-Solving Skills Among Students Through Analytical Questions
21 Critical Study Of The Routine Of High Achiever At Home
22 Develop Curiosity Through Reward Among High-Level Students
23 Develop a Sense Of Respecting Others Among Students Of Grade Five Through Role Model
24 Develop Self-Control In Children For Educational Access Through Motivation
25 Develop Ethics Among Students Of Grade 8
26 Develop Socialization In Children Through Extra Curriculum Activities At Grade 6
27 Develop The Habit Of Respecting Others In Children
28 Develop The Problem-Solving Skills Among The Students At Elementary Level Through Activities
29 Develop Self-Confidence To Improve The Academic Performance Of Children
30 Developing the Ability To Make Possible Choice Making In Children
31 Developing Behavior Among Children At The Age Level 12 To 16 Of Accepting Their Errors And Mistakes
32 Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Team Work Among Students At Elementary Level
33 Developing Critical Thinking Through Patience Among 8th-Grade Students
34 Developing Curiosity And Responsibility Through Science Experiments In 7th Grade Students
35 Developing Honesty Among Children Of Grade 6 Through Group Discussion
36 Developing Determination Through Stories Of Great Personalities
37 Developing Honesty Among Students Of 4th Grade By Giving Them Group Task
36 Developing Moral Values Through Reward And Punishment Among The Students