How To Send Fail Subject Admission AIOU

How To Send Fail Subject Admission AIOU

How To Send Fail Subject Admission AIOU. Results of the autumn 2021 semester of some programs were recently declared and students are failing a course and want to register for failed course/s in the current semester autumn 2022, along with semester courses. However, they have already registered for semester courses and paid fees, but the system does not allow them to register for additional course/s.
These courses can be added by the admission office manually for which students have to submit an application. The application form and guideline to deposit the fee is attached. Students can submit applications by post, in person at campus/region, and also submit their scan online at the helpdesk at the following link;

Download Form PDF

If You Already Send Admission Of The Current Semester

Registration/Addition of Additional Course(s):
As per policy students have been allowed to register for additional courses/s during the enrolment of a semester, within a certain limit. Matric, FA & Old BA students can take a maximum of 18 credits and for all other programs maximum of 21 credits are allowed. Students can register for the additional course, along with semester courses, by themselves as explained in the video on the following link;

If You Not Send Admission Of The Current Semester

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