AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805

AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805
AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805

AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805


Course: Course Advanced Microeconomics (Code 805)

Guess Papers

Q # Questions/Answers
1 Explain full-cost pricing principles, also discuss its weakness if any.
2 Describe Williamson’s model of managerial discretion in detail.
3 Critically evaluate the behaviour theory of firm.
4 Derive an individual’s labour-supply curve. Describe the conditions that can result in a backward bending supply curve of labor.
5 Differentiate between monopolistic exploitation and monopsonistic exploitation.
   6 Construct the Edgesworth Box diagram for exchange.
7 Modern welfare economics frequently makes use of the concept of the pareo-optimality. Explain the concept and its role in the theory of welfare economics.
8 Write notes on the followings:

a)     Public Good

b)    Optimal Cost-combination

9 Discuss in detail the basic assumptions of Neo-classical theory?
10 Discuss in detail the Cyert and March theory?
11 Derive and explain the labor supply curve?
12 What I quasi-rent? Does it refer to the short-run or long-run? How is it measured?
13 What is Walrus law? Explain its significance for general equilibrium analysis?
14 What dos the production possibility frontier show and how it is derived?
15 Write a note on the following:

(a)  Social welfare

(b) Pareto optimality

16 Critically evaluate the Baumol’s Theory of Sales Revenue Maximization.
17 What is the role of top management, administration and labor unions in goal formation of a frim.
18 Describe the process of aggregation to derive market demand for a variable input.
19 What is the significance of Walrus’s law for general equilibrium analysis?
20 What does the production possibilities frontier (PPF) show and how is it derived?


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AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805

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