AIOU Guess Paper Statistics for Economists Code 804

AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805
AIOU Guess Paper Advanced Microeconomics Code 805

AIOU Guess Paper Statistics for Economists Code 804


Course: Course Statistics for Economists (Code 804)

                                                            Guess Papers                                   

Q # Questions/Answers
1 Discuss briefly the different types of diagrams used for presenting statistical data. State advantage and disadvantages of any two of them?
2 What is a statistical average? Name the important types of averages? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each average?
3 State and prove multiplication law of probabilities for any two events A and B? Also define independent events and dependent events?
4 State the mathematical equation of a normal distribution and prove that:

(a)  The area under the north curve is unity

(b)  All old order moments about mean vanishes

5 What is meant by sampling? What is the objective of sampling? Also explain the advantage of sampling over complete enumeration?
6 Define the following concepts fully:

(1) Hypothesis testing

(2) Statistical hypothesis

(3) Critical Region

(4) Level of Significance

7 What is meant by seasonal variation? Explain how seasonal variations are measured and removed from the time series data?
8 Compare the following concepts:

1.     Simple Index and composite Index

2.     Fixed Base index and Chain Base index

3.     Laspeyres ‘Price index and Paasche’s price index.

9 Define Mean, Median and Mode. What are their advantages and limitations in the analysis of data? Give various methods of calculating Arithmetic mean.
10 If two are thrown, what are the various total number of dots that may turn up? What are the probabilities of each of them? What is the probability that the number of dots will total at least four?
11 Show that in single throw of two dice, the probability of throwing more than 7 is equal to that of throwing less than 7, and hence find the probability of throwing exactly 7.
12 Describe in detail various probability and non-probability sampling techniques?
13 Explain with the help of examples the difference between

(1) Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis.

(2) Simple and composite Hypothesis.

(3) Acceptance and Rejection Region.

(4) One-tailed and Two-tailed test.

14 (a)  What is scattered diagram? Describe its role in theory of regression?

(b) What is lincar regression model? Explain the assumptions of regression model.

15 Critically comment on various methods of eliminating variations from a time series?
16 Define and discuss following index numbers.

(1) Quantity Index Numbers

(2) Value Index numbers

17 Explain the difference between the following

(a)  Statistics and statistic

(b) Population and Sample

(c)  Descriptive and Inferential statistics

(d) Primary and secondary data

(e)  Discrete and Continuous Variables

18 Explain the following terms.

(a)  Regression and Correlation

(b) Frequency Distribution

(c)  Standard error

(d) Normal equations

19 What is OLS method of estimation? Discuss in detail the properties of OLS estimator?
20 What is difference between discrete and continuous random variables? Also compute the mean and variance of discrete and continuous probability distributions?


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AIOU Guess Paper Statistics for Economists Code 804

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